The games I'm most excited about the rest of 2019

Every few months, I like to find a list of the games still to come out this year and try to make a list of all the games I want to get. This helps me stay excited for games that actually are still a ways off. It also helps keep track of exactly how much money I’m looking at spending each season and maybe decide which games to prioritize and which to wait for sales. Of note I don’t have a Switch so, even though I desperately want to play Fire Emblem (which is already out), and Link’s Awakening and others, they won’t be on this list as I don’t want to torture myself with the knowledge of all the cool games coming for it. With that in mind let’s take a look at my most anticipated games of the rest of the year.


August 30th

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

For this first slot I am actually going to combine two games, both of which come out on August 30th. These are both horror games in The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, and Blair Witch announced at E3. Now, I already wrote an article about why I think the previous game they made in the same style in Until Dawn was successful, but maybe they can iron out the flaws and keep all the good. If they can fix some of the corny dialogue and hammy voice acting while still keeping a horror experience where it feels like you’re in a movie it could be very cool as an anthology series. I’m hoping they can keep these games tighter, as a tighter experience could lead to more diverging paths from choices, I would love to see wildly different results depending on choices in one of The Dark Pictures games.


Blair Witch

Blair Witch on the other hand, I have very little idea what to expect, however it definitely looks scary. As a lover of creepy atmospheric horror games though I am excited to try it. With no idea what to expect though this will definitely be a wait for reviews kind of game.


September 10th

Gears of War 5

What could I possibly say about Gears of War that hasn’t already been said by someone else. It’s brand of crazy silly story and hyper machismo will always hold a place in my heart. That’s not even counting the multiplayer, where rolling around someone and getting the final kill with a shotgun is an absolute blast. I still remember one time I was the last alive and managed to kill the entire enemy team. The Gnasher is one of the most fun guns to use in any game ever and I am excited to jump back into the multiplayer.


September 13th

Borderlands 3

If you had asked me a year ago if I was excited for the new Borderlands I likely would have said no. Right before Borderlands 2 came out I bought and played through Borderlands 1 and all its DLC. After that I got Borderlands 2 and started playing through it immediately. I think I got tired of the repetitive gameplay and humor about halfway through the second game and never completed it, then just skipping the Pre-Sequel. After a break though I am excited to jump back in and give it another spin.


September 17th

AI: The Somnium Files

I am a big fan of the Zero Escape games even though the last one was not as good as the first two. This fandom is the only reason AI: The Somnium Files is even on my radar, as it is being made by the creator of those games. However, I did not love the first trailers and am curious if it will be able to capture the same feelings. This is another game I will definitely be waiting on reviews for as such a story based game can be very tough to pull off. Especially as he has only ever pulled my interest with Zero Escape so I am not sure if it was Zero Escape or him, there can be trouble with trusting a creator that has only worked on one property.


October 25th

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may just be another Call of Duty, but like any junkie it is a drug that I cannot quit. Call of Duty Blops4 was probably the Call of Duty I have played the least so I thought maybe I was out, but they have pulled me right back in. The gunplay looks fresh and exciting and there is still no futuristic setting which is very good as I hate advanced movement in Call of Duty. I still do wish for a return to Modern Warfare 2 (and would give all of my money for a remake of that game including multiplayer), but this game looks very good and has renewed my interest in this year’s Call of Duty. My hope is that with development troubles for next year’s game maybe they could release a Modern Warfare 2 Remaster with multiplayer as well.


The Outer Worlds

I already included a gif of it in the title so it was obvious this was coming, but I am very excited for The Outer Worlds. I love games that let you do anything and while I haven’t played New Vegas, I have watched the no kill and genocide runs done on it and it looked like great fun. I am excited for what The Outer Worlds bring to the future and what the company can do now with a Microsoft backing. Getting an awesome big game in the style of The Outer Worlds, but with a much larger budget and team does not seem impossible with Microsoft backing them. Now if only Microsoft could buy out the Hitman team so I can get my big budget bimonthly released Hitman levels on Gamepass (it would be a perfect fit).


November 8th

Death Stranding

I don’t think a game has ever been as mystifying this close to release as Death Stranding. How can a Triple AAA title with multiple long gameplay trailers by one of the biggest personalities in the video game industry still be this much of a mystery. The answer of course lies in the creator Hideo Kojima who still manages to make mystifying works of art. I am sure the story of this game will be big and mysterious and make no sense, that part I am excited for. What I am worried about is the moment to moment gameplay as nothing has caught my eye quite yet. I am very excited for this game, but I still don’t know how excited I am to play it.


November 15th

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Wow was that first trailer really bad or what? After I saw the first trailer for this game basically any excitement I had for the game died down. After hearing word afterwords about what the game is actually like has actually renewed my interest which is weird. Normally the reveal trailer is the most hype thing and then everything afterwards kinda dulls the hype. In this case though the reveal trailer is bad and then future news that the actual gameplay was closer to like a Metroid Prime got me much more intrigued and that it normally wasn’t that linear. I am still concerned that the gameplay didn’t look as badass as a Jedi should even with someone who had probably been training that section, but I am definitely back on the hype train.


November 22nd

Doom Eternal

I mean come on, this game looks hype as hell(get it?). I actually have avoided information on this game as much as possible funnily enough. Typically with games I am incredibly hyped for I either look up every piece of information possible or I go dark and try to go in as blind as possible. I am doing that with Doom Eternal as Doom 2016 was one of the best games of this console generation and I see no reason why Eternal wouldn’t follow in the same footsteps. It mastered the gameplay loop it was looking for and was a whole lot of fun. Of course I thought the same of Wolfenstein 2, but then the levels and their design so thoroughly de-emphasized the stealth which was one of the most fun parts of the first game. I feel comfortable buying Doom Eternal though as I loved the first one and what little I’ve seen of it has been awesome.


Well that was all the games I am excited about for the remainder of 2019. It is shaping up to be a pretty good year, although of course the announced game I’m most excited for is Cyberpunk. I would like to claim grandfather rights though as I played The Witcher 2 four or five times and was a fanboy of CD Projekt Red before it was cool. It is an exciting year for gaming and next year looks exciting too. As always I am excited to see what the future holds and what surprises are still to come.


If I didn’t list a game that you feel is worth mentioning feel free to leave a comment telling me about it. Of course I don’t have a Switch, but I would love to play Pokemon or Luigi’s Mansion.

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