Discussion: What music hits you right in the feels

I recently wrote a piece talking about the importance of the show FLCL to me and how it effected my growth as a person. If you haven’t read that you can check it out here. What I didn’t touch on until the end of the piece nd only very briefly was how important the music in FLCL was to me. So as a break from The Yuasa Chronicles I was hoping to have a discussion with the readers of Tay and Anitay about music from video games and anime and the importance it has to them. I already mentioned FLCL and three songs from The Pillows still gives me chills every time I hear them in Little Busters, Last Dinosaur, and Ride on Shooting Star. I would like to list two more examples and explain them to maybe help facilitate discussion.


Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, my nomination for best video game story of all time also has a soundtrack that makes me feel emotional as soon as I hear the opening notes. Just like FLCL, it is not the music that makes me emotional, but the emotion I remember from first playing the game. Of course that is often how things like this are. I would like to talk about how often music is in visual novel especially. Zero Escape may have more interaction than most VNs but it still requires dozens of hours of just reading. With all that dead time music is incredibly important especially when it often ends up having to be repeated dozens of times throughout the story. On the music front VLR nails it, and the emotion felt throughout the game will be felt later down the line anytime you listen to one of the main tracks.

Personally, I don’t think it is possible to talk about video game music that hits you in the feels without taking about the final mission in Halo 3. Say whatever you want about the evolution of Halo to today, but this mission in Halo 3 I think is the most epic moment in gaming history. A big portion of that is of course the music, which starts with a lot of the same emotional ambience as the rest of the games music (which is all phenomenal). It quickly finds itself swelling to epic proportions and if you do a perfect run with the music playing the whole time you will feel like the most badass person in the world.


Music can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Whether it be the simplest notes or the most epic symphonies, it can elicit a different emotional response from everyone that hears it. A lot of the time it is because of our experience with the thing behind the music.

So what video game or anime music moved you the most and why?

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